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Ernakulam : Discourse on greatness of Hindu Dharma

Ernakulam : At Ponnurunni, on the occasion of the monthly meeting of ‘Sahodaran Ayyappan Family Unit’, activists of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti were invited to speak on the greatness of Hindu Dharma. Smt. Salini Suresh of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti spoke about how Hindu Dharma was there all over the world in the earlier period and gave few examples which proved the same. Now due to conversion, not following Dharma, the state of Hindus and Hindu Dharma is going down. We need to protect our own Dharma and for that spiritual practice (Sadhana) and Dharmacharan is utmost necessary, stated Smt. Salini Suresh. Around 60 people were present on the occasion.
The president of the unit, while speaking at the beginning of the program, spoke about secularism. But at the end of the discourse, he spoke about how minorities are increasing their population and so on.
A lady bought satvik products exhibited there by Sanatan Sanstha and after buying, she expressed gratitude and said ‘Thank you’. She immediately realised her mistake and said ‘nanni’ i.e. thank you in local language.
The discourse was liked by all and they said they will arrange similar discourse in the future.

Source: Bing News

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