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Deadly M6.1 earthquake hits Hindu Kush, Afghanistan
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Earthquake at Hindu Kush region caused by Super blue blood moon?

 Today (31 January, Wednesday) a 6.1-magnitude earthquake struck the Hindu Kush region in Afghanistan due to this Delhi-NCR also felt tremors. Interestingly it is again believed that this earthquake caused by Supermoon which will be visible in several parts of the Earth on the same day.
The United States Geological Survey in a report explains theconnection between earthquake and lunar eclipse, “Several recent studies have found a correlation between earth tides (caused by the position of the Moon relative to the Earth) and some types of earthquakes. One study, for example, concludes that during times of higher earth and ocean tides, such as during times of full or new moon, earthquakes are more likely on shallow thrust faults near the edges of continents and in (underwater) subduction zones. Lunar or solar eclipses represent, of course, special cases of full and new moon, but do not cause any special or different tidal effects from full and new moon,” the report said.
“The Moon, the Sun, and other planets have an influence on the Earth in the form of perturbations (small changes) to the gravitational field. The relative amount of influence is proportional to the objects mass, and inversely proportional to the third power of its distance from the Earth,” the report added.
Earlier Mitch Battors study from “Earth Changes Media” claimed that lunar phases triggered almost 21 earthquakes. Out of 21, 14 were occurred during quarter phase, five at the full moon, and two followed an eclipse.
“There have also been some small but significant correlations reported between the semi-diurnal tides and the rate of occurrence of aftershocks in some volcanic regions, such as Mammoth Lakes,” the United States Geological Survey said in a report.

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