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Say no to liquor, money; vote for development, tells Sulibele

Mysuru: Yuva Brigade leader and orator Chakravarti Sulibele has called upon the voters to vote for development and not to be influenced by money, gold and liquor. He was delivering a lecture on “Karnataka of my dreams” at Kalamandira yesterday. The lecture was organised by Yuva Brigade.
“Politicians, irrespective of party affiliations, will come to you offering money, gold, silver and liquor asking you to vote for a particular party. Remember that if you vote for those candidates who offer money and liquor, they will loot State treasuries to make up for their electoral expenses. They will also make money for the next elections too,” he said.

Calling upon voters to only vote for development, Sulibele said that only honest candidates who are capable of developing a constituency must be elected, he said. “Choose good candidates, not corrupt ones,”  Sulibele  said.
A proud patriot who quit his profession as a software engineer for the sake of the nation, Chakravarti Sulibele spoke at length about Karnataka and its culture. “Kannada and Karnataka are synonyms for the culture of the State. One should preserve the beauty and the richness of the culture,” he said.
section of the audience.

“The British, the Dutch, the Portuguese and many others looted India over centuries and now we can see the ill effects of these attacks. While India was about to recover from the invasion of Muslim rulers from Afghanistan and other places, the British occupied the country and looted our resources. India was captured by foreigners for over 1,500 years,” he said.
“The British, apart from ruling the country by adopting a divide-and-rule policy, portrayed India in a bad light. They reflected India as the land of beggars and snake-charmers and many British writers played an active role in this conspiracy,” he said.
“Bollywood movie ‘Padmaavat’, directed by Sanjay Leela Bansali, has portrayed the dark days of Muslim invasion and its effects on India. The invaders treated women as an object of enjoyment. I am not against Muslims as history says that Muslims in India have their roots in Hinduism. Invaders converted Hindus into Islam and if you see the family tree of Indian Muslims for three to four generations, you will realise that they are actually Hindus,”  he said.
A diary titled “Karnataka of my dreams” was released on the occasion. Dr. R. Balasubramaniam of Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement and Yuva Brigade State Convenor Chandrashekar were present.

Source: Google news

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