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Minority students hail NUML for non-discriminatory environment

ISLAMABAD: Although the country has no adequate curriculum in higher education system for minorities to seek education in particular approach of their religions, however, two such students enrolled with National University of Modern Language (NUML) have termed the university best educational facility for minority children.
Versha Arora, a Hindu, and Joshua Morris, a Christian, studying at the varsity’s Mass Communication Department said that they never felt distinction on the basis of their religion. Every day, after entering the university and seeing their classmates and teachers, they feel at home.
Versha, who wants to become a writer, told Daily Times that the varsity was the best institution for minority students. She said, being only Hindu student in her class, she never found herself alone.
With a great spirit, Versha said that she is Pakistani first and then a Hindu. She rejected common perceptions attached with all Pakistani Hindus that they are Indians.
“If, we and our forefathers are living in Pakistan from the past many centuries, then how can we be Indians,” she said, adding that Hindus are more patriotic than others.
Currently, there is no particular mechanism to impart education as per religion to minority students at higher education level. Moreover, there were a significant number of missionary institutes in the subcontinent before partition. After partition, Zulifqar Ali Bhutto had nationalised many public sector departments. He did same with missionary schools and their number gradually decreased.
Presently, only four missionary schools exist in Rawalpinidi. Although, schools and colleges in both public and private sector are teaching ‘Civic’ in exchange for Islamic studies to non-Muslim students, no such changing in curriculum are being made at universities due to unavailability of proper scheme of studies for such communities.
Versha, however, expressed fear that she might face some challenges in the field of journalism as a minority girl. At the same time, Versha is also very confident that she would handle all such obstacles successfully. She recalled that there was not a single Hindu family residing in her surroundings in Rawalpindi.
Versha requested authorities concerned to make sure the proper implementation of laws regarding rights of minorities, adding that the government should work for public welfare equally regardless of their cast, creed and religion.
Joshua Moris also described the NUML as the best university for minority students. Moris, too, said that he never ever felt any distinction.
He, however, urged minority leaders elected as parliamentarians to work for their communities instead of personal benefits.
Moris suggested all of his community children, who have access to education, to get maximum benefit from this approach.
Published in Daily Times, January 14th 2018.
Source: Google news

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