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'There's anarchy in UP, but BJP wants Yogi to talk here'

Reddy rips into BJP’s ‘politics over death’ after UP CM’s visit leftKarnataka Cong seethingThe trade of barbs between Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and the Karnataka government on Twitter is continuing, a day after the UP CM spoke in Bengaluru during a rally.Karnataka home minister Ramalinga Reddy lashed out at Adityanath on Monday, by pointing to the sharp increase of crime across Uttar Pradesh.“I pity the actions of BJP leaders, especially Yogi Adityanath. He has perhaps forgotten that every time he points a finger in scorn, three fingers are pointing at him. There is complete anarchy in Uttar Pradesh going by the statistics released by the Central Government. Yet, Karnataka BJP leaders desperately want the CM of Uttar Pradesh to address the people here. About 11.50 per cent crime incidents of the country are recorded in Uttar Pradesh alone. As many as 450 encounters have taken place, several corruption cases against politicians have been withdrawn across UP. Seventy-seven children died in his constituency Gorakhpur. This being the state of affairs in UP, it is ironic that Adityanath is talking about Karnataka, which is on the path of development,” Reddy said.Reddy was interacting with media persons at Vikasa Soudha. “Politicians must have an ideology. But BJP leaders have no ideology; instead they resort to politics over deaths. We have arrested two persons out of the four accused and investigation is on track. If there is any lapse on the part of district officials particularly the police officials, we will not mind bringing in even more efficient officials to ensure law and order.”Sources close to the home minister told BM Reddy has expressed his displeasure over the law and order situation across coastal Karnataka and has directed DG and IGP Western Range to beef up security measures. “If there is any dearth of personnel, the government is ready to provide additional forces like KSRP and CAR battalions. But the mandate is there should be no room for communal clashes in the future. Directions have been given to hold flag marches wherever necessary and step up patrolling in sensitive areas,” a top official from the home department revealed.BJP’s false propagandaIn the face of the opposition BJP’s claim that Congress government has sponsored the killing of 21 BJP workers and activists of Hindu organisations, the state government is likely to come out in a day or two with a fact sheet on every case and the reason behind every death.As per information accessed from the home minister’s office, only 19 murders have taken place along the coastal region in the past few months. “Till date, 11 Hindu organisation activists have been killed and six PFI supporters have been murdered. Of the 19 reported murders, in 11 cases, Hindu youths were killed. In 8 other cases, Hindus have killed Hindus over other reasons. The 19 deaths do not include the death of Paresh Mesta, Deepak Rao and Basheer,” sources in the home department told BM.Crackdown on fake helmet companiesThe home department has decided to crack down on companies that manufacture fake helmets. Home minister Reddy has directed DG-IG and Bengaluru City Police Commissioner to crack down on such companies. “Fake helmets are in the market because of these companies. Rather than imposing a ban on fake helmets, if we crack down on such manufacturing facilities, there will not be any sale of fake helmets. So I have directed the senior officials to crack down on such companies across the state,” Reddy said.
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