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Bengal: Maintaining its pro-minority image, TMC pays heed to Hindu vote bank

Mamata Banerjee.


They have demanded a pension of Rs 5,000 from the Chief Minister.

They made these demands for benefits as madarsas also receive government funds.

Over 60 per cent of Bengal’s population comprises Hindus.

Hindu priests in Bengal have demanded Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee that traditional village schools be revived, a pension of Rs 5,000 and cows to ensure their livelihood.
They made these demands for benefits as madarsas also receive government funds.
The request for these benfits took place at a ‘Purohit Sammelan’ (convention for priests) organised by the TMC in Birbhum district on Monday which was aimed at the ruling party’s Hindu votebank while keeping in mind its pro-minority image.
“The CM has said she may introduce pensions for us,” said Anubrata Mandal, TMC district president, Birbhum.
“It is likely that pensions will be provided to us. We will be benefited if it is introduced,” said Santu Mishra, a local priest.
Hindu priests from Birbhum and Burdwan participated in the convention and residents of the area are aware of the increased importance of Hindus given the BJP’s aggressive foray in Bengal.
“This government had earlier introduced pensions for Maulvis. The government should have introduced pension for us too. Now, it is focused on this issue because of panchayat elections,” Sunil Sarkar, another priest explained.
Over 60 per cent of West Bengal’s population comprises of Hindus. Apart from TMC, the BJP is another non-Left for them to vote for.
BJP leader Rahul Sinha said, “Mamata Banerjee checked TMC’s investigation report which shows that supporters are leaving the party. She also seen that people who once followed TMC are now joining BJP.”

Source: Google news

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