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Policy of 'Soft-Talibanism' perpetuating murders of Hindu activists in Karnataka: C T Ravi

MANGALURU: Policy of ‘soft-Talibanism’ adopted by Congress government in Karnataka is resulting in continuing murders of Hindu activists across the state and Deepak Rao is the latest addition to the same, said state BJP general secretary C T Ravi. The move by the state cabinet to repeal more than 175 cases booked against ‘communal’ PFI and its associate ‘KFD’ involving more than 1600 accused has resulted in giving these forces a free run against Hindu workers, he noted.

Noting that BJP has lost faith in the state government and its detection agencies to provide justice to these slain workers, Ravi, who visited the mortuary where Deepak’s body was brought, later told reporters that it is only ideal that NIA takes charge of the probe. “I demand that the government which provided compensation of Rs 10 lakh to a known cattle smuggler who was killed in police action, to provide compensation of at least Rs 25 lakh to Deepak’s next of kin,” he said.

Accusing the Siddaramaiah government of hobnobbing with the ‘communal’ PFI for its narrow political gains, Ravi said a majority of the 24 plus murders of Hindu activists that have taken place since Congress came to power are identical in nature. “It is imperative that the nexus that is funding, aiding and abetting these elements who target Hindu activists with such impunity be broken in the first place and the perpetrators dealt with full force of law,” Ravi noted.

Taking pot shots at forces that accused the BJP of being the torchbearers of Hindutva, Ravi said absence of leaders of any other political party at the mortuary where Deepak’s body was brought to even pay lip sympathy to his grieving family members indicates the kind of hypocrisy they deal in. “However, these very leaders have no qualms in rushing to the houses of members of minority community who fall prey to such incidents in DK or elsewhere in Karnataka,” he noted.
Source: Bing News

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