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Tamil Nadu Dalits attacked for celebrating NY by upper-caste Hindus

New Year celebrations by Dalits of Kudikadu in Thanjavur district ended in violence when a mob of upper-caste Hindus went on a rampage, attacking them and their homes.
A large posse of police has been deployed in the locality to prevent further escalation of tension in the district.
Dalit youths in Kudikadu, a settlement in Ambalapattu South Village near Orthanadu, celebrated New Year on Sunday night with music and decorative lights, according to the police. They had decorated the entrance of the village with balloons and colour papers to mark their celebration. As the celebration was going on in full swing, around 1 am, a group of upper-caste Hindu youths from Ambalapattu North Village damaged the decorative balloons and colour papers in their village entrance.
When the Dalit youths questioned their action, the youths came back with a mob of 80 people and unleashed violence. After the Dalits ran for cover fearing for their lives, the mob damaged as many as 15 homes, two-wheelers parked outside and other utensils. In the attack, eight Dalits suffered injuries.
Samuel Raaj, general secretary of Tamil Nadu Untouchability Eradication Front, said nowadays it has become a trend to attack Dalits if they celebrate New Year, Pongal or Diwali.
Thanjavur police have arrested six in connection with the attack and were on the lookout of some more accused.
Source: Google news

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