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Congress govt in Karnataka anti-Hindu, says BJP
Siddaramaiah government is anti Hindu says BJP
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LOOKING AHEAD 2018: Booked for the year

Gritty thrillers to gripping non-fiction, here’s a literary checklist█ 1 A CENTURY IS NOT ENOUGHBy Sourav Ganguly with Gautam Bhattacharya (Juggernaut)Former cricketer Sourav Ganguly was one of the most scrutinised players during his tenure as a captain. From his debut to his controversial encounter with Greg Chappell — the book promises to take readers through his eventful cricketing journey.
█ 2 THE PRESIDENT IS MISSINGBy Bill Clinton and James Patterson (Penguin Random House, UK)Former US president Bill Clinton teams up with James Patterson to narrate the disappearance of the President of the United States. It focuses on how one of the highly protected men vanishes without a trace. And, as stated by Patterson himself in The New York Times, “readers will be given an inside look into what it’s like to be president.”█ 3 VIDEOCRACYBy Kevin Allocca (Bloomsbury)YouTube’s Head of Culture and Trends Kevin Allocca gives us a behind-the-scenes view of the video platform’s impact on the world. It’s more than a history of YouTube, as Allocca delves into the psyche of the society through the widely shared videos, and how online activities are changing the face of entertainment, advertising and politics.█ 4 WHY I AM A HINDUBy Shashi Tharoor (Aleph Books)The book highlights the numerous displays of political Hinduism in the modern era, including violence committed in the name of the faith by right-wing organisations and their adherents. The author also analyses Hindutva and explains its rise and emphasises on the philosophy of Deen Dayal Upadhyaya, its most significant promoter.█ 5 STRANGERS NO MOREBy Sanjoy Hazarika (Aleph BooksThrough this book, Sanjoy Hazarika explains the current situation in Northeast India today. He scrutinises old and new struggles, contemporary trends and the changes that have taken place. He raises an important and pertinent question through this book: Whether the region and its people are still ‘different’ to the rest of India, to each other and whether they are destined to remain so?█ 6 TRAVAILS WITH THE ALIENBy Satyajit Ray (HarperCollins)A collection of science fiction writings by Satyajit Ray will be published this year. It also includes a script he wrote in the 1960s for a sci-fi film called The Alien. Twenty years later, Ray watched Spielberg’s film Close Encounters of the Third Kind and realised it had an uncanny resemblance to The Alien’s script.█ 7 THE INDIAN EMPIRE AT WARBy George Morton-Jack (Hachette)George Morton-Jack’s book traces the Indian Army’s story during 1914–18 through the voices of the service’s officers and ranks, and of the princes, priests and others who encountered them across the continents during World War I. From their battlefield journeys to their experiences as war prisoners in Germany, Romania and elsewhere, and secret missions that took them from Transylvania to Afghanistan and beyond — this book describes it all.█ 8 THE OUTSIDERBy Stephen King (Hachette)King’s new offering is an intriguing crime thriller about the murder of a 11-year-old boy. Even though evidence points at the town’s popular Little League coach, the suspect has a genuine alibi. So, who’s the killer? To know more, wait for its release in June.█ 9 MAHARASHTRA MAXIMUS, THE STATE, ITS PEOPLE & POLITICSBy Sujata Anandan (Rupa Publications)Senior journalist Sujata Anandan examines history to unravel the various layers that explain the complexity of Maharashtrian politics and its impact. This book looks at the entire political history of the state, which plays an integral part in India’s political scenario.█ 10 MY KASHMIRBy Omar Abdullah (Aleph Books)Omar Abdullah’s first book is part memoir, part history and part analysis of the problems faced by Jammu & Kashmir since Independence. It will offer the reader an insight into today’s Kashmir, the politics and his family, which, according to the book, has played a prominent part in shaping the discourse on the region.
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