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‘Mylapore will be free of Tasmac outlets’

“Mylapore will not have any Tasmac outlets,” said MLA R. Nataraj.
Speaking to The Hindu Downtown on the sidelines of the Chitrakulam clean-up, which took place on August 5, he said Tasmac outlets located at Kabali Thotam, near Thirumayilai MRTS, is crowded most of the time, creating chaos in the area.
“The outlet is a nuisance to the public. Some have even died due to accidents caused around the outlet. We have had many petitions from widows claiming compensation on account of their spouses who have died due to this issue,” he said.
The MLA said three Tasmac outlets in Mylapore consistency had been in the recent months and the shutters would come down on the rest soon.
However, a few argue that closing Tasmac outlets is only going to increase the sale of illicit liquor.
Nataraj said that he had represented this issue to the Government.
Reviewing rainwater harvesting structures is another area of focus.
“This year’s the MLA fund, which is approximately ₹ one crore is being used for improving rainwater harvesting structures. We are planning to construct “soak pits” in public spots soon. This will help increase the ground water level. We are also using this fund for a few big projects like cleaning the Buckingham Canal for a distance of 5 kilometres approximately,” added Nataraj.
Source: Bing News

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