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Christian pastors beaten by Hindu extremists with knives, rods and sticks in bloody attack

The pair, a father and son, were beaten by Hindu extremists in India as they walked home. 
Pastor Daniel Jebraj, 28, was returning to his church in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, when he saw five men sitting on the wall outside. 
Allegedly smoking, drinking and being rude about his faith, Mr Jebraj asked them to leave, but the gang pulled out weapons and began to attack him in a horrifying assault police are treating as attempted murder. 
He claims a butcher knife, steel rods and wooden sticks were all used in the assault. 
Mr Jebraj said: “They were waiting for me.
“They pulled out the weapons and attacked me.”
His father, 61-year-old Pastor Muniyandi Elangoan Jebraj, rushed to help his son but also found himself under attack. 
Mr Jebraj Jnr said: “They were spewing very dangerous words — I can’t say such words, they are highly derogatory and foul.
“My father came out running, and he too was beaten.”
Both men were seriously wounded in the attack, but Mr Jebraj Snr suffered brain damage as a result of the beating. 
Mr Jebraj Jnr needed stitches but his father was reportedly left brain damaged. 
Referring to Mr Jebraj Snr, Dr Ron Rajendran said: “Soft tissue in his brain is injured.
“And Daniel’s bruises and cuts had to be stitched.”
Mr Jebraj Snr was referred to the Nagapattinam Medical College to consult a neurologist. 
Despite Mr Jebraj’s Jnr’s claims, police have sought to downplay any religious motive, and are claiming the attack was not religiously motived. 
Police Superintendent Abhinav Kuma confirmed a police report had been filed and two men arrested, but said: “It is a simple, independent incident.
“There is no groupism, no enmity between two groups. One of the accused belongs to a minority.”
And one of those arrested, an 18-year-old Muslim boy named Mhamadhu Abdullah Barish, is said to be a Good Samaritan rather than the perpetrator. 
Mr Jenraj Jnr said: “The police falsely framed the boy to prevent exposing the case as Hindu extremist violence on Christians.
“Abdullah has no relation to this case. He heard our screams and came and tried to take us to the hospital. He did not beat us.”
India is ranked 15th worst in the world by Open Doors USA, an organisation which ranks Christian persecution.

Source: Bing News

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